Artist Bio 


First Piece of Art ever sold!!! 


Erica Wildman is an artist without boundaries who aims to provide a memorable experience for viewers by evoking emotions through her art.  Using a variety of media including acrylic, plaster and glass beads, Erica’s art is organic, bold and colourful, and has a certain depth to it that is best experienced in person.

Erica’s art has been featured on HGTV’s Property Brothers and more recently was used in an (as of yet) untitled, star studded Terrence Malick movie, set against the music scene in Austin Texas. 

Despite growing up in a talented family, it was not until 2006 that Erica discovered she could paint. Painting remained a hobby for Erica until 2010 when after seeing Erica’s work a designer called and asked to display her pieces in a home tour.  After the tour, Erica’s art sold. This help strengthen her confidence to take the plunge and become a professional full time artist. 

It is clear that family have played an inspirational role in Erica’s art and she cites her father, also an artist, as a key influence.  Though their art bears few similarities, she has always admired his talent, and is grateful that she has inherited his gift. Erica’s mother has also provided inspiration, and has given Erica the confidence and ability to explore her art in different ways.  Family aside, Erica feels most creative, simply put "when it's nice outside" – it gives her an adrenaline rush and the urge to paint. 

The road hasn’t always been an easy one for Erica.  Giving up a successful job in Real Estate Finance, the security of a regular pay check and accepting the reality of being a ‘poor artist’ didn’t come easily.  But Erica overcame this by remaining determined (she had no plan B), never being afraid of the answer no and telling anyone who would listen who she was.  Through her sheer drive and passion, her hard work paid off.  Erica is still in awe of the fact that people love her art enough for her to make a career from it, and is appreciative of her followers and collectors.  

When she’s not in her studio, Erica can be found running on the trail, reading books, dining with friends, being silly and singing made up " jingles" to her rescue cat, Garrett Skylar Wildman (yes he has a middle name).  Erica also loves volunteering and actively supports a number of local charities. Friends describe Erica as being fiercely loyal, warm hearted and exuding vibrancy.  If there is one quote that describes Erica in a nutshell it is this: “She doesn't think out the box, she lives outside of it (what box?!), and is a fun and fearless competitor. Rules only apply to board games, not life.”